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Experienced horseback riders know that there are few things more fun than multi-day rides. These trips are one part riding and one part camping, which makes them a great weekend activity. In order to have a successful multi-day ride, you’ll need to take plenty of supplies along. Read on to make sure you do not miss any of the essentials.

Food, Water, Shelter

The basics may seem obvious, but it can be easy to forget that you need to pack necessities not only for yourself, but for your horse as well. Making sure you both have plenty of food, access to fresh water, and some form of shelter is necessary. Be sure to pack a blanket for your horse, as nights may become surprisingly cold.

Comfort Necessities

When being outside for a long period of time, you should have a few necessities that will ensure your comfort and that of your horse. Sunscreen is something you don’t want to be caught outside without, as is bug repellent. You’ll want repellent for both yourself and your horse in order to have a comfortable ride.

Health and Wellness Tools

To make sure you and your horse are not in danger of risking your health, there are a few things you should pack. The first item is a hoof pick, which will help you clear your horse’s hooves, should any stones become lodged. This will greatly increase the longevity of your ride, as a horse that has stones or other debris in its hooves may become uncomfortable.

You also want to pack a grooming kit for your horse. As you ride along the trail your horse will surely become dirty and dusty. If you have to pass through any overgrown areas, your horse may also wind up with twigs, leaves, or other materials in its hair.

For your own benefit, you should carry a first aid kit that can help with any minor injuries. Depending on the trail you take, you may also want to bring along some extra supplies, such as aloe vera in the event of sunburn. It doesn’t hurt to be overly-prepared with some materials that you can use, should you or your horse become more seriously injured and need to wait for medical assistance.

GPS App, Phone, and Emergency Supplies

When riding for long periods of time, especially in a new area, it is important to bring along a GPS-enabled smartphone that can track your ride. This way, you can find your way home, but also alert an emergency contact should you suffer an injury along the way. You should also bring supplies that can signal an emergency to others, such as a whistle. Look up what supplies are typically used and legal in your area to determine the best options for you.

Going on a multi-day ride is not advisable for new horse riders. However, if you are becoming a seasoned rider, this could be a fun event for you to do. Just be prepared in case of an emergency, make sure at least two people know where you will be, and do some research about common problems so you know how to avoid them. With some preparation, you can have a fun trip with your horse.