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Lacy Hawkins


Growing up in Mexia, Texas, a small town between Dallas and Austin, during the great depression and World War II was a turbulent time in the world. Childhood was a unique and interesting experience for Lacy Hawkins and helped shape his character and develop his work ethic.  

Lacy’s upbringing was unique because his Father was a land owner, and operated a truck farm which was rare, and afforded his family a lot of independence. His Mother was the disciplinarian of the family and she was the one who advocated education for her children as well as to be respectful and morally sound.  Both of Lacy’s parents were role models to their children and raised them to live with integrity in a difficult time in this country’s history.  

However, it was Lacy Hawkins’ educational background that exposed him to racism because he attended segregated schools.  He often spoke to his father about it and questioned him about “why the schools were separated by race and why did the kids who looked like me have to walk to school when the other kids who didn’t look like me ride the bus?”  So, being the independent man that he was, Lacy’s father went into action after their talk and the very next year, Lacy started riding the bus. This is the type of man his father was. He was also a great horseman and cattleman in his time.  It was through his Father that he gained a love and passion for horses.  

Lacy’s father was quite the perfectionist in whatever he did.  His knowledge of horses was beyond impressive. He would go to auctions on his off days and people would hire him to inspect their horses and cattle.  Because of his expertise and experience he was able to tell the age, the health and the overall condition of the horse by the time he was done with his visual inspection.  He was a great horseman and all of the things that Lacy Hawkins learned about horses and the techniques in working with them or training them came directly from his father.  

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Lacy Hawkins has continued riding and training horses throughout his life for recreation.  He no longer rides at this stage of his life, but he enjoys going out to the ranch and interacting with the horses as well as sharing his knowledge and love for these beautiful animals with family and friends.  The same joy he received from watching his father teach him about horses he now finds in himself as he shares his knowledge and wisdom with those he loves.