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Buying a horse is a serious commitment. Just like raising any animal, horses need special treatment to live good lives. There are so many factors you must consider when deciding whether you are ready to buy a horse of your own, so consider these points before making such an important decision.


Taking care of a horse can be a time-consuming activity. You have to feed it, clean up after it, groom it, and more. There are few shortcuts you can take, unless you pay for full boarding for your horse. Still, there is not much point in owning a horse unless you spend time with it, so make sure to account for that.


Owning a horse can be costly, and it only starts at purchasing the horse. A horse can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. You may be able to get a free horse, however they may be in poor health, which can rack up thousands of dollars to treat. Once you own your horse, you will pay on average around $3,800 per year, or around $317 per month. If you choose to board your horse, you may pay an additional fee, with an average of $260 per month.


In addition to the cost and time, space is a major factor when considering buying a horse. If you own a large parcel of land, you might not have any issues with space. However, people who do not have adequate land must board their horse or buy a property that can house it. You may also need to build a structure to house your horse, which could take up significant space.


Your desire for responsibility will also tell you whether or not you should buy a horse. You can’t just take care of a horse one day per week; you must see to its needs every day. A sick horse will need immediate care, just as a human or house-pet would. If you do not imagine you will want to take on such a hefty responsibility, it is not a good idea to buy a horse.


Finally, you should consider whether you need a horse, and if so, for what reason. You might find out that a horse you want is not the right breed for what you plan to do, or you may realize that your reason for buying a horse is not important enough to outweigh any reservations. Alternatively, you may see that you have a real need for a horse, and that will also inform your decision.

Buying a horse is not a small feat. You have to be 100% certain of your dedication before going through this process. Consider each of these factors before deciding whether to purchase a horse or not.