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Horses are friendly animals in many cases, but they have feelings that humans need to be mindful of. Treating a horse wrong can startle them, anger them, or even cause them to distrust you. There are some things you should never do around your horse, so read on to find out what you need to be careful of.

Approaching Incorrectly

Horses have blind spots and can be startled easily. One of the best things horse owners can do is talk to their horse as they approach it. The auditory cue can let them know to expect you near them. However, you should still be aware of where you are approaching your horse and how you are handling it. Make sure to touch them confidently, but not aggressively. This will show that you care about their comfort and will act responsibly.

Ignoring Your Horse

If you are near your horse, you should always have an idea of what they are doing. Ignoring your horse could lead to a bad situation. For example, your horse could turn and suddenly, you are in the line of fire for a kick. Most horses will not actively seek out trouble, but it is still wise to know how your horse is feeling and behaving at all times to ensure you are not put in danger.

Moving Too Quickly

Horses still have many of the same instincts of other prey animals, which means they do not react well to sudden movements. For instance, a quick arm motion could look like a rattlesnake, prompting your horse to kick, rear up, or run away. Children in particular need to be cautious around horses, as a hyperactive child may be seen as a threat and could be severely injured by a scared horse. If you struggle with moving slowly and confidently, you should practice your movements on your own. Never let a child alone with a horse, especially if they are too young to ride it on their own.

Horses can be temperamental like many other creatures, but common sense can prevent most major accidents. Be vigilant around your horse, but remember that it does not want to hurt you. As long as you respect a horse’s boundaries and do not provoke it, you will have an easier time staying safe.