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In the United States, horseback riding was a common form of transportation. Nowadays, this skill has become a novelty in competitions and racing. There are plenty of places that are suitable for horseback riding. Riding horses can take you around certain areas that cars can’t go to, and the slower pace allows for more exploration. Below are some of the most popular horseback riding tours in the United States.

Morning Maverick Horseback Ride: Las Vegas, Nevada
In Las Vegas, there are plenty of outrageous experiences that go beyond the show-and-tell. This is why horseback riding is a must-do when visiting the city. You’ll get to experience a different type of adventure as you ride through a working ranch. The horses are ready to take you along the rocky terrain and provide a taste of the Wild West. If you’re still not ready to get into the swing of things, prepare a hearty breakfast before you leave.

Horseback in the Bridger-Teton National Forest: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Situated 30 miles from Jackson Hole, Moran is known for its pristine streams and mountains. Although it’s not covered in snow during the winter, the fields and mountains turn a beautiful green color as the leaves and flowers bloom. If you’re planning on visiting this area, you might want to hike it, but you can also go for a true Jackson Hole experience and ride a horse. There will be plenty of opportunities for photo ops along the way.

Horseback on the Fern Forest Trail: Asheville, North Carolina
Arrowmont Stables is a short drive away from the town of Asheville, which is known for its creative shops and restaurants. One day, you might be exploring the area while stopping for a quick bite at one of the local restaurants. The next day, you might be driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is a great family-friendly experience as the horses are equipped with helmets. The Fern Forest Trail ride is an introduction to riding, and the kids are provided with a pair of helmets.

Sonoma Horseback-Riding Tour – Sonoma, California
One of the most relaxing activities in the world is horseback riding, as it allows riders to enjoy panoramic views of the countryside. This tour in California is designed to take you through the various areas of Sonoma County. During this time, you’ll get to take in different aspects of the region while also clip-clopping through Alexander Valley and Dry Creek Valley. We’re sure that you’ll appreciate the tasting that will be made later on.