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Horses are delicate creatures that need specific environments to thrive. A horse in the wrong environment can develop medical conditions, become injured, or act out. Do you know the best environment for your horse? Read on to see the type of living conditions your horse will need.

Secure Living Quarters

Every horse needs a home, and the home needs to be kept up to avoid major issues. For example, a barn that is not secured at night can be a hunting ground for wolves or other wild animals. Similarly, you should ensure that there are no hazards in the horse’s stable, as horses can injure themselves accidentally and fairly easily.

Clear, Open Area

In addition to a home, horses also need an open space to run in and otherwise spend their time. These spaces should be cleared of all debris and wide open, with fencing that will keep your horse in. A fence that can be jumped will be, and your horse may soon find themselves in danger. Items, trash, or other debris in this area can be hazardous for your horse, who may not understand the danger.

You also must be conscious of the security of your horse while it is outside. Wild animals like snakes can easily slip through fences if they are not properly maintained. Even during the day, your horse may be at risk, so do everything you can to mitigate the problem by keeping fencing secured.

Dry, Clean, Moderate Spaces

Horses need dry and comfortably-warm spaces to enter both during the day and at night. Their stables should be cleaned daily, and owners should keep an eye out for leaks or drafts that may be entering from worn-down areas of the building. Also, when horses are out in a paddock, they need an area to escape from the harsh sun, as well as rain or any other weather conditions that can arise.

Horses who do not live in a comfortable, safe, and maintained environment often show signs of disease, temperament issues, or other negative conditions. Every owner must do their part to keep their horses safe from harm and healthy. Stay on top of all of your horse’s living areas, and when in doubt, fix anything that seems even slightly harmful.