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When buying a horse for the first time, it is essential to understand how to take care of your horse. While different breeds have unique needs, most horses require similar care when it comes to grooming. Do not delay in learning how to properly take care of your horse.

Grooming Tools

Before grooming your horse, make sure to have all of the tools you need ahead of time. A curry comb, body brush, main comb, and tail comb are all essential. Likewise, make sure to keep a hoof pick and a clean sponge or cloth on you. Particularly with the combs, you may be tempted to use one for several purposes. However, each tool has its tool, so make sure to buy everything listed. Additionally, you may also want to purchase grooming spray, hoof ointment, and clippers, if needed.

Clean Its Hooves

To start, calmly and gently ask your horse for its hoof. While holding it, pick out any grit, dirt, or other substances that might be built up in the sole. Be mindful to watch for cracks in the hoof walls, as well as signs of issues like thrush. If you notice anything out of place, contact your farrier for further instruction.


Currying is a term that refers to breaking apart dirt from your horse’s coat. Take your curry comb, or grooming mitt, and brush in a small, clockwise rotation. Work your way around your horse’s body, but be careful at sensitive areas, such as your horse’s belly and between its hind legs. Bony areas may also be sensitive. Take notice to how your horse is acting. If it seems uncomfortable, you are brushing too hard and should be more gentle.


After currying, gently begin combing your horse’s tail or mane by staring at the bottom and brushing downward. Little by little, work your way up to the top. Consider buying a grooming spray that will help detangle your horse’s hair and make combing easier.


Although currying breaks apart the dirt, brushing with a body brush will get the dirt and dust off of your horse’s coat. Use a sweeping motion, starting on the same side you started currying on, and brush away the dirt. While doing this, take notice to any injuries on your horse and take note to seek treatment if anything is severe enough to warrant attention.

After using the body brush, you should use the finishing brush to add shine to your horse’s coat and to brush away dust and debris from your horse’s face and neck. While around their face, check for signs of injury or illness, and make sure to gently, but thoroughly, clean its face.

Grooming your horse is not exceptionally difficult, but there is a process that must take place in order to maintain the health and wellbeing of your horse. Follow the above steps to ensure you are properly taking care of your horse’s grooming needs.