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Horse riding and raising are topics that contain a tremendous amount of information. Even for experienced horse owners, there is still so much more they can learn if they take the time to do so. Luckily, there are many podcasts available that cover these topics, ranging from info for beginners to topics on horse healthcare, and everything in between. Below are just a few great podcasts available that novice and veteran horse riders alike can enjoy.

Finding the Feel

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to industry experts and long-time horse riders discuss their experiences and knowledge, Finding the Feel is a great place to start. The host, Kaitlyn Hurst, started the podcast in order to do the same. She had been struggling to find personal stories outside of her own circle, so she created a platform for people to come on and connect with a larger audience. The show is currently in the midst of season 2, so you have plenty of episodes you can catch up on while waiting for the next to air.

Horses & Life

If you prefer a wider scope to your podcast experience, Horses & Life is a show that discusses many topics both related and unrelated to horse raising. While the theme of the show still connects to the horse owners’ experiences and heavily involves the horse riding lifestyle, there are many more lessons to be learned than those happening on horseback.

The Stacy Westfall Podcast

Unlike the former two podcasts, The Stacy Westfall Podcast is focused specifically on aspects of horse riding that all owners should be aware of. She has structured her show into topical seasons, so you can easily find the topics you are looking to learn more about. You’ll find dozens of episodes ranging from topics like the horse rider’s mindset to tack and equipment. There is plenty of knowledge in these podcasts that can be helpful even for people who are experienced, so it is a worthwhile listen.

Horses in the Morning

Horses in the Morning is, as the name would suggest, a daily morning show about horse raising. Just like with any morning show, you’ll have a new episode every weekday, which covers anything horse related. You can gain some tips by listening, and there is even a call-in segment if you have a question.

There are many horse podcasts out there, most of which would be great for anyone to listen to. These are just a few of the top ones right now, but make sure to try out a few and find one or two you can spend some time listening to.