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The great English statesman, Winston Churchill, observed, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” He also felt that no hour was wasted when riding a horse. Many people would agree. After all, what other action can someone take that feels like “flying without leaving the ground”? Fortunately, from one end of the country to the other in the U.S., many locations provide the enjoyment and relaxation of riding horses.


These country parks combine horseback riding with other pleasures unique to the area. In Vermont, for instance, adults who enjoy English style can ride Icelandic ponies through the countryside where they may sight moose and other wildlife. In Autumn, they can enjoy the splendid colors in the forests. They can let their horses enjoy drinking at mountain streams while they can delight in the sounds of the falls and taste Vermont’s cheeses and unique dishes, too.


Another location for English-style horseback riding, Pennsylvania, also offers Western to those who prefer it. In this state, mountain horseback trails are popular. There is vibrant greenery and pine trees on rides through the Susquehanna State Forest or in the meadows of the Pocono Mountains, a destination for many East Coasters. These peaceful rides through Pennsylvania forests are therapeutic adventures. There are opportunities for the horses to trot and run, much to the enjoyment of the riders.


Texas is a state that conjures the idea of cowboys and horses and the Wild West. Numerous dude ranches have western-style accouterments and accommodations.

Ten major trails are exceptional, including Copper Breaks State Park and The Davis Mountains State Park. Also, riders can explore the dude ranches and thousands of acres of extraordinary wilderness. They can also enjoy a variety of activities led by ranch hands. 


Renowned for its Grand Canyon and other scenic areas, Arizona, too, is cowboy country. In the fall, visitors can witness a huge cattle drive between Utah and Arizona.


Taking a riding holiday in California is made for all levels, and the programs are made to be getaways for the whole family, even the little ones.


Home to hundreds of racehorses, Florida offers ranch resorts and spas. One luxury dude ranch has almost 17,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor spaces for activities.