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When it comes to owning horses, it is much easier to get everything done when you are younger and have more energy. Although many people are physically capable of keeping up with these chores, some people may grow tired of keeping up with it every day, or they may simply not care to spend a significant amount of time caring for their horse. Additionally, some people may decide to downsize to a smaller home or retirement community, which can be an issue if their horse is housed on their land. Whichever case rings true for you, there are some things to keep in mind as you age.

If you’ve owned your horse for a long time, as you age, you’ll notice they’re aging right alongside you. Aging horses come with extra needs, as they will need more attention directed toward their health. Even young horses need plenty of attention, so you should be mindful of how careful you are as you get older. In some cases, it may not be possible to give your horse the care it needs.

When this occurs, it is time to consider a few options regarding your horse and lifestyle. Is there a reason why you are unable to give your horse attention? An example of an issue you can fix is getting enough sleep. As we get older, we may need to go to bed earlier to get enough sleep, or we may require naps in the afternoon. Embrace these changes and see if you feel better when you are up and about. This may be all you need to get back to properly taking care of your horse.

Alternatively, you may have a health condition that does not allow you to ride frequently or at all. Yet, your horse will still need exercise. If you cannot ride at all, you may want to look into finding a new home for your horse. If you can still ride occasionally, you can look into a full board or part board arrangement, which will allow you to still visit your horse, without the pressure of taking care of it each day.

If you can still ride, but need help cleaning up after your horse and taking care of its health, you may be able to find someone in your area who you can hire to help you with these tasks. Of course, a full board may be an option for some, but the cost would be significant. It may be less expensive to hire an individual with experience.

As you can see, aging comes with many difficult decisions regarding your horse. Keep in mind that, while it can be sad to lose your ability to care for your horse, it is more important to focus on its health. Be realistic about your physical capabilities and do not be afraid to ask for help when it is needed.