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Many people think of horses as though they are like any other pet you could bring home. However, horses are very different from other animals not just in their anatomy, but in their needs, too. If you are thinking about getting a pet and are considering a horse, these are some of the things you should consider first.

Difference 1: Daily Care

With a cat or a dog, daily care is pretty simple. You feed them, groom them every few days, make sure they have water, and either change a little box or take them for a walk. Exercise can vary, but most dogs and cats require an hour or less of exercise each day, if they are relatively healthy.

Horses, on the other hand, require much more extensive care. Their stalls need to be cleaned out, which is much more intensive than a little box cleaning. They need to be fed and watered, but not overly so. They also must receive a good amount of exercise each day, preferably for at least an hour. Just like some cats and many dogs, horses are very social and require attention each day.

Difference 2: Associated Costs

The monthly costs associated with owning a dog or a cat start at roughly $100 for a fairly healthy pet. These costs go toward food, training, accessories, and other supplies. Thus, the average cost can be dependent upon which options you choose, and the price can rise with more expensive options.

Horses can cost significantly more. For the bare minimum of food and healthcare maintenance, a horse can cost $150 or more per month. Add on boarding and you could easily pay $250 to over $1000 per month. This doesn’t include any training costs, unexpected veterinary bills, or other unforeseen expenses.

Difference 3: Horse Housing

A cat or a dog can usually fit into most homes, as they are relatively small and their necessities take up little space. However, a horse requires a pasture to run in, a stable to sleep in, and space to house tack, feed, and more. Not everyone has the outdoor space to house a horse, and boarding can be quite expensive.

When considering getting a pet, you must think about what is realistic for your situation. If you are not capable of paying for your horse or spending hours with it each day, you should probably consider a different animal. However, for those who have the funds and time, a horse can make a great pet.