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Horses are incredible animals that can have personalities all their own. However, horses universally tend to interact with animals in similar ways. Different animals will cause horses to react differently, so let’s take a look at how these animals can interact.


Dogs may be man’s best friend, but depending on the dog and the horse, it can either be a perfect match or one destined for failure. Horses can spook easily, so loud, yapping dogs may cause a horse to become scared or nervous. Aggressive and territorial dogs may also cause some concern, as they may see horses as a threat and lash out. However, dogs that are friendly, sociable, and generally well-meaning can often be great partners for horses. If your dog is calmly approaching your horse and sniffing it, it is curious and will likely find your horse to be harmless. Keep in mind that your horse’s temperament will make a big difference, too, as nervous or wild horses may react negatively to even the kindest of dogs.


Horses and cats usually tend not to have as good of a relationship as horses and dogs. Yet, horses are not typically afraid of cats, unless they have had a negative experience with one. Cats, on the other hand, may be hurt if a horse does not see them and steps on them, so cats may keep a safe distance. Still, both cats and horses can be curious and may find that they enjoy the company of one-another.


Horses are widely known for their ability to herd cattle efficiently. Horses also may graze alongside cattle, which proves the point that both are happy to coexist. There are few reasons why a horse may distrust a cow, but it is wise to be careful about putting untamed horses with cattle, as they may be more jumpy and could mistakenly hurt them.

Wild Animals

Horses can react with much emotion when they are in fear of their life. Thus, wild animals will often cause horses to become afraid. Snakes or scorpions may cause a horse to rear and run away, as can mountain lions or any other predatory animals. Although you are not likely to see a horse run away from some fish in a stream or a few birds high up in a tree, many other animals can startle a horse.

Horses are generally friendly beings, and they enjoy the companionship of other animals that do not pose a threat. If you have a farm, do not be afraid of your horse’s reaction. Keep in mind that horses are not always the most graceful of beings, and you will want to keep them away from any animals that may become hurt as a result of a horse accidentally stepping on them.