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Experiencing nature is always invigorating and psychologically refreshing. The large, beautiful California state offers many opportunities for adventurous visits that will provide relaxation, escape from stressful situations, and a refreshing experience in nature that people often need. One activity that is enjoyable for many in the scenic parks of California is horseback riding. Here are some locations in which to take pleasurable rides:


Sonoma County


This part of the state offers year-round horseback riding, although the ground is a little muddy in winter. However, toward the middle of January and in February, the sun dries the trails sufficiently. In the 216-acre Helen Putnam Regional Park, riders will pass through oak woodland and reach ridge line views where they can experience a panoramic view. There is a picnic area, pavilion, children’s playground, and fishing pond for a relaxing stop.


Trione-Annadel State Park


This pristine 5,092-acre site is on Santa Rosa’s eastern edge. Largely undeveloped, it has meadows, grasslands, a 26-acre lake, and seasonal streams. There are also volcanic rock formations and pristine northern oak woods. With over 40 miles of trails, horseback riders can enjoy many sights.


Sugarloaf State Park


This 3,900-acre park has 25 miles of trails for horseback riders, hikers, and cyclists. The area is replete with wildlife. On clear days, visitors can see in the distance the Golden Gate Bridge from the 2,729-foot summit of Bald Mountain.


Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks


Seeing the giant sequoias in the southern Sierra Nevada range is undoubtedly a thrill. There are two national parks, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. In contrast, underground marble caverns contribute to the wide variety of ecosystems in this area. Indeed, there is much variety to flora, fauna, and wildlife on the different levels of the site.


Yosemite National Park


People who have dreamt of being a cowboy or want to feel like one can now ride a horse in Yosemite National Park. This location is a welcoming park to pack animals and horses alike. Almost all the trails are open to riders, and visitors can have guided trips during warmer months. To feel like a real cowboy (girl), visitors can settle for the night in one of three equestrian campgrounds. In the warmer months, guided trips are available for riders with three Yosemite campgrounds open to equestrian campers. Visitors may bring along pack animals, but they must not go off-trail.