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For those whose love for horses is unmatched, it can be hard to feel fulfilled when you can’t ride through a pasture without the wind blowing through your hair sitting on the back of a horse. When the cold weather season starts, getting a book about horses can be a great way to relieve yourself. Here is a list of the best horse books that are both fictional and informational.

From the Horse’s Point of View – Debbie Steglic

This book, which may not be on the best seller’s list, is a great tool for understanding your horse’s behavior and how they might be having issues. It goes into more detail about how you can communicate with them and what can be done to improve their behavior. Debbie Steglic is an instructor who has written a book that has gained widespread popularity due to its knowledge about horses’ body language, gestures, learning styles, and personality. People have used this book to resolve various behavioral issues.

The Complete Book of Horses – Debby Sly

If you’re a horse lover who would like to learn more about horses, then The Complete Book of Horses is the book for you. It has over 300 pages that will give you all the information you need to know about horses. The book features over 1,500 photos that will help you learn everything you need about horses, including their breeds, saddlery, and riding techniques. This is a great way for people who have no knowledge about horses to learn about them.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse – Charlie Mackesy

Non-fiction books filled with too much information may not be for everyone. If you’re an avid horse lover, then a book that focuses on horses’ personalities and friendship is a great way to spend time with them. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse is a New York Times bestseller and is the perfect activity for people looking to escape to a place where horses are shown in their natural light. Mackesy’s story follows a boy who finds himself stranded on rugged terrain with some animals. Through this book, he hopes to teach important lessons about love, kindness, and friendship. This is a great way to introduce children to life lessons.

Animalkind – Ingrid Newkirk and Gene Stone

Despite some people’s opinions, new information about animals has emerged in recent years. One of the authors of Animalkind, the founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, collaborated with Gene Stone to talk about the various characteristics of animals. The authors of this book also talk about the latest discoveries about horses, which will help you make changes in your life to protect the animals in this world. This is a must-read for people who are passionate about animal rights.

Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership – Mark Rashid

It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to train a horse. This is why it’s important for people who are passionate about horses to learn from Mark Rashid, who is a recognized horse trainer. Through this book, he shares his extensive experience and methods. Rashid believes that horses can learn a lot from his gentle training methods, which are designed to make them more comfortable and effective. This book is also a great way for horse owners to train their pets in a more loving and effective manner.

Anne Kursinski’s Riding and Jumping Clinic – Anne Kursinski

Olympic show jumper Anne Kursinski has written a comprehensive guide to riding and jumping horses, which is the most straightforward book about this subject. The book is filled with colorful photos that will help people easily follow the steps in her instruction. The book covers various topics, such as adjusting the length of the horse, perfecting strides, and counting strides. Although the author has a lot of helpful tips, it’s still important to practice riding and jumping horses in order to improve your skills.

Wild Horses of the Summer Sun: A Memoir of Iceland – Tory Bilski

The memoir of Tory Bilski, Wild Horses of the Summer Sun, talks about her life as a horse owner. It’s full of personal anecdotes and her experiences living on a farm. The book also features her deep appreciation for horses.

Horse of My Dreams – Callie Smith Grant

People who are passionate about horses already know that each animal has their own unique personality. In Horse of My Dream, the author talks about the stories of real horse owners. It’s full of funny and inspiring anecdotes about the animals. This isn’t a light read, but it’s full of uplifting and inspirational stories that will help you forget about the stressful life of everyday living. Author, and animal lover, Callie Smith Grant has written several other books about animals.

The Original Horse Bible – Moira C. Reeve and Sharon Biggs

This book is a great resource for people who are interested in learning more about horses, such as how to care for them, riding techniques, and communication. It’s written by two highly-respected women in the horse world. The Original Horse Bible has a wide variety of topics covered in it, so it’s not the best book for people looking for a more specialized resource.

Black Stallion Adventures – Walter Farley

Many people have children who are passionate about horses and are looking for easy-to-read stories that will introduce them to the world of horses. The Black Stallion Adventures are a series of stories that teach kids about bravery, instinct, and survival. These books are written for kids aged 8 to 12 and aren’t the best for adults. Despite this, they’ve gained a following among the younger audience and are full of horse-related stories. If you’re looking for more horse-related titles for your kids, these are a great set of books.