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Books are one of the best ways to learn about any subject, and owning a horse is no exception. Some books are informative, some entertaining, and some useful, but all should be poured over by any equestrian. To help you better learn about your horse and give it the proper care it needs, look into the following books.

For Horses’ Health

If you want to learn everything there is about horse health and care, start with The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care: The Novice Owner’s Guide to Horsekeeping by Lainey Cullen-McConkey. This book includes information on various subjects, from what you should feed your horse to how to properly maintain its environment. Reviews for this book suggest that it is quite comprehensive and perfect for first-time horse owners. However, owning a copy could be a big benefit to any horse owner, novice or experienced.

For Horse Training

In a similar vein, every horse owner needs to have a good understanding of the best ways to train a horse. Tales Of Horsemanship: An Inside Look At The Secrets Of Successful Horse Training Revealed Through Short Stories by Carson James is a collection of short stories that details what can happen if a horse is trained properly, as well as improperly. Carson James pulls from real-life experiences that he had in consulting with horse owners on how to best train their horses. This book is great as a tool for owners who are running into a particular problem, but it is not a how-to guide, so be sure to use it in conjunction with other resources.

For Tracking Horse Health

Horse Health Record Book & Horse Training Journal from Learn-Work Guides is a great tool for maintaining your horse’s health. It can be difficult to remember when your horse last saw the vet or had a farrier appointment, but in this book, you can maintain all of that information easily. Customers recommend this book for an owner with several horses, although it can also be a help to a new horse owner and anyone who needs a centralized place for their horse’s health records.

There are tons of books available for both new and experienced horse owners. The aforementioned few are some that every owner could benefit from, but there are plenty more that dive into other relevant topics. If you’re looking to continue your horse education or have a one-stop-shop for your horse care needs, make sure to look into these books.