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Everyone that owns a horse knows that there are few things in life more rewarding. Watching a young horse develop into a majestic animal is simply stunning. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by lunging your horse. Lunging is a popular training process that sees the horse continuously move in a circle while connected to a lunge line. These are the four biggest benefits of lunging your horse.

Teach Training Commands

Lunging a young inexperienced horse is extremely beneficial because it helps break them of their bad habits. The trainer gives vocal and hand commands throughout the lunging process. The horse gradually starts to learn these commands over time. A horse is only safe to ride once it learns to follow commands of its rider. Lunging is also the perfect time to get a horse accustomed to the saddle and bridle.

Gets Them Exercise

In order to stay healthy, horses need a lot of physical activity. Unfortunately, there are going to be days when you cannot take your horse on a long ride. Lunging is a great alternative to a long ride because it gives the horse the exercise they desperately need without taking up too much time. A short lunging session is far better than letting your horse rest all day.

Makes Them Stronger

Lunging may not seem very demanding on a horse, but it actually greatly improves their physical attributes. A horse can build muscle mass, improve their balance and improve their gait from regular lunging sessions. All of this is contingent on having an experienced trainer. Lunging will also help a horse get stronger while recovering from an illness or injury.

Calms the Horse

Some horses just naturally have a lot more energy than others. This can cause them to act a little wild when you first take them out for a ride. This can cause them to buck and stride chaotically early in the ride. These issues are more likely to happen if the horse has not been ridden for a few days. Since this unpredictable behavior can be dangerous for the rider, it is best to calm the horse with a short lunging session. This will let them get out their excess energy before putting on the saddle.