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So, you have finally gotten your new horse. Now your horse needs to be trained properly. If you have had previous experience training horses, then you should have a general idea of how to approach training. For people who are attempting to train a horse for the first time, this article will have all of the valuable information you need to begin. 


The first thing you will want to do with your horse is getting them used to wearing a halter. A halter is a strap that goes around the head of the horse and can be used to attach a leading rope to it for future training. If you are training a younger horse for the first time, they can be reluctant to have a halter put on them at first. One of the best ways to get your horse comfortable having a halter put on them is to see other horses have their halter put on them comfortably and with ease. Your new horse will see that others can do it without and uncomfortability and may be more willing to do the same. 

Lead Rope

The next step and perhaps the most important step in training a new horse is attaching a lead rope to the halter and getting your horse used to you leading. The lead rope can help establish many things for the horse. The pressure that is applied or not applied to the lead rope while you are leading are all learning processes for the horse. If you are leading your horse and want them to move a bit faster, you can put pressure on the lead rope so that the horse will want to ease that pressure and move forward a bit to do so. The same concept goes if you would want the horse to stop. The same process of learning can be applied to the lead rope as it was with the halter. Newer horses can learn from older, more trained horses by seeing their actions and replicating them. Another way of using the lead rope is to lead by the side of the horse rather than far in front of them. This type of leading will help your horse understand space and stay close to you when you are leading in this position. 

Although these are only two basic concepts of training, there is much more training that needs to be done for new horses.