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People often enjoy vacations that include various activities. For instance, viewing Nature while engaging in another activity is a double pleasure. Horseback riding in various parts of the country and different environments is one of these doubly-pleasurable activities, too, as there is both physical activity and sightseeing.

Here are some of the best trails for a West Coast vacation joined to horses:

In the Napa Valley, riders can traverse lovely meadows and trails through the Jack London State Historical Park in the Valley of the Moon. There are numerous riding trails in the Jack London State Historic Park in Sonoma with oak woodlands and rolling hills.

The Triple Creek Horse Outfit offers guided rides to the summit of Bald Mountain for panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and surrounding area. Riders can also take trails in the Jack London State Historical Park in the renowned Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, where there are fine riding trails. Horseback riders can travel through oak woodlands, passing by massive redwood trees and on the rolling hills of vineyards.

For an authentic ranch vacation, travelers can stay at Wilson Ranches Retreat that offers lodging in central Oregon. There is a serene environment on this working cattle and hay ranch in Butte Creek Valley. Horseback riding trips are made to the beach by way of differing terrain. Riders can then go along the beach and return on the bayside.

Washington State
There are a number of interesting horse trails in the state of Washington. Those who love to travel along the seaside can do so when they ride their horses or if they rent one from a nearby horse rental. If they have their own horses, riders can visit many historical sites and recreational areas. One moderately difficult trail is the Liberty Creek and Hansen Trail Loop that is located near Washington’s Liberty Lake. But, it is a convenient 8.5-mile loop trail that is also rated moderate. This trail is best traveled from March to November. 

Alaska and Hawaii
Alaska and Hawaii are often counted as West Coast states. Those who wish to horseback ride in America’s 49th state should do this in warm weather. When one takes a ride with a guide, there may well be whale sightings, nesting bald eagles, wildflowers, and birds to see. Visitors usually rent horses and hire guides as there is often rough terrain.