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Recently, I posted an article where I talked about western-style riding horse breeds and their characteristics. However, there were so many breeds to choose from that I decided to write a second part and give more time to some more great horses. Today, we’ll look at a few more horse breeds that are great for people who love trail riding and other western-style horse riding activities.


Arabian horses are known for their “floating trot”, which sets them apart as one of the most graceful horse breeds. These horses are strong, with compact bodies that boost their speeds. Arabians come in several colors: bay, roan, black, gray, and chestnut. They also can have white markings on their faces and legs.

Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse is a horse that has a reputation for high stamina and an eager personality. Their expressive faces and unique heads are their most prominent physical traits, as they can come in any color of coat. The Morgan Horse is also well-known for its alertness, and generally is considered a great family horse, as they are friendly and adaptable for any experience level.


Wild Mustang horses are what many people think of when they think of western horses. This breed should not be underestimated, as Mustangs are independent and strong-willed. Mustangs need extensive training, and they still tend to do what they want over what their owner asks of them. However, Mustangs are hardy horses that have a lot of strength, making them a good choice for the rider who wants to ride on difficult trails. Mustangs can also be any coat color and have any markings, so the wild horses may resemble other breeds at first glance.

Missouri Fox Trotters

The Missouri Fox Trotter gets its name from its characteristic “fox trot”. The front legs walk, while the back legs trot, making the ride smoother than some other breeds. Although these horses have been used for farm work, they are most used as riding horses, and they are a particular favorite of trail riders. The Missouri Fox Trotter can come in any color, although chestnut is its most recognizable variation.

As you can see, there are many great breeds of horse available for western riders. Each type has its own personality and characteristics which make it special. It is important for any western rider to understand these traits in order to find a horse that is suitable for their specific needs.