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Horse riding is a fun pastime for many people of all ages. However, horse riding is a very intensive activity, and it is not suitable for all people. The following are just a few reasons why people should stop riding their horses, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to be mindful of your capabilities and stop if you are not able to handle it.

Health Conditions

If you have been diagnosed with a health condition, it is essential to speak with your doctor about whether horseback riding is a higher risk to your health. Things like arthritis could make guiding a horse more difficult, and there could also be risks with lung or heart diseases. If you are physically not up to ride normally, you may still be able to take short rides. Make sure to consult your doctor before making a determination.

Strength and Endurance

As people get older, their strength and endurance naturally begins to lower. This can be difficult with regards to horseback, as rides can be long and physically strenuous. If you are unable to sit on your horse for an extended period, or if you struggle to utilize your body to signal to your horse, it is probably time to consider toning down your rides or stopping altogether.

Reaction Time

Over time, people may also lose the quick reaction time they had in their youth. Reaction time can help in bad situations that occur while riding, such as stumbling upon a wild animal or taking back control of your horse if it becomes spooked. A loss of reaction time can lead to serious injury.

Non-Riding Considerations

Finally, every rider should consider whether they have the physical or mental ability to continue caring for their horse. Although you can board your horse, it can be quite expensive, and that may not be feasible for all owners. If you cannot adequately feed, water, groom, or otherwise care for your horse, you should consider finding them a new home and perhaps riding someone else’s horse while you still are capable.

Horseback riding is an exceptional workout, which many people downplay once they become accustomed to the lifestyle. In reality, waiting too long to stop riding can lead to serious injury for both you and your horse. The last thing you want is to cut a ride short because of a medical emergency, so be cognizant of your abilities and how they will affect your ability to ride.