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A competitive horse may struggle for a number of reasons and should not be ignored by trainers. It’s the trainer’s responsibility to investigate the root of the problem. A determined yet unfortunate horse needs this extra push to increase his or her natural ability to compete.

Invest in corrective training
A horse training and fitness expert engages the horse in a basic training program that includes corrective techniques. This means emphasizing and improving on mistakes that the horse is making. The trainer cannot train a horse further if his or her underlying problems are not fixed. A horse with lameness cannot run any faster, while a horse that is too slow needs a proper diet first.

Focus on variety
Any workout routine should include variety. Various exercises help to strengthen and improve different parts of the body, from the respiratory system to the muscles. There are workouts that also help to strengthen the animal’s intellect. Most exercises should be varied every other day and allow enough rest for the horses to prevent physical strain.

Boost energy levels
Some horses work hard but don’t feel motivated to perform their best. Occasionally, they need a few boosts to increase their levels of energy and enthusiasm. An active horse must be at healthy body weight and be fed a well-balanced diet. Feed the horse more grains to add a temporary boost to energy. Over time, enhance their meals with salt, electrolytes, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Follow a schedule
A common fault among trainers is to train the horse on random days or whenever they get the time. A competitive horse needs to follow a solid, daily schedule in order to develop long-term habits. This schedule should include rest days and break periods in between training sessions.

The horse’s schedule should include a minimum and a maximum number of competitions. The number of competitions that a horse enters should be sufficient to qualify for championships. However, participating in too many events in a short period of time is overly strenuous to the horse’s mental and physical health. 

How to help
There are countless techniques that trainers can use to help their horses. Some animals benefit from sports massages, while others require doctor-prescribed physical therapy. The first step is to figure out why the horse is failing and in which areas he or she needs improving.