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If you’re a first-time horse owner, you may be wondering how to choose the best horse breed to learn how to ride. Here are five tips to help you find a horse that is a good match.


When you are a first-time rider, both you and the horse will have a learning curve. A good temperament is important because the horse is more likely to easily handle your trials and errors. Look for a horse that is naturally calm and patient. Ride the horse, so you are sure that it is smooth. A rough ride can result in you feeling anxious and uncertain, and the horse feels these emotions.


A trained horse knows how to behave with a rider. Ask the owner about any training that has been provided to date. Also, ask for a demonstration of the horse’s training and behavior. You may want to do some research before meeting with the owner so you understand the most important aspects of training. It is also wise to bring along someone who is experienced with horses.

Spirit and Energy

Regardless of the breed, some horses can be high-spirited, and this is not ideal for first-time riders. You want a horse that has a more even and reliable energy level. A little spirit is acceptable, but not when the horse is being ridden.


Some breeds are known for being incredibly trustworthy. In a horse and rider relationship, this means that you are confident with how the horse will respond to having a rider, as well as how it will react to commands.


Socialization is important for any animal, but horses in particular. You can tell if a horse has been socialized with humans when you first approach it. The horse should behave confidently and comfortably by standing still and quiet or coming closer. If the horse pulls away or seems intimidated or scared, it’s best to look for another. You want to be able to start building a relationship with your horse on the first day, rather than dealing with any issues the horse has with people and human contact.